Curated by Liu Chunfeng, and organized in collaboration with the Yunnan Oil Painting Society, Constellation: Yunnan Oil Painting Since 1978 presents many of the most influential oil paintings from the past four decades in Yunnan, with works by over 100 artists spread across the museum’s two main exhibition halls. Many of the works are on loan from public institutions and private collections, and have never been shown together on such a scale.

According to curator Liu Chunfeng, the term “Constellation” in the title indicates the aim “to raise certain questions through the research and curation of the exhibition. For example, as we enter into the post-globalization era, does the notion of relativity between global and local culture still stand? Looking back over the recent art history of Yunnan, a visible web-form image of history and an art world outside of that web illuminate each other and fuse together, pushing us to reexamine the past and the present through different synchronous and diachronic facets.”

This exhibition has enjoyed strong support from the Yunnan Provincial Museum, the Yunnan Art Museum, the Yunnan Institute for Traditional Sinology, and the ICBC Yunnan Branch.

  • Curator: Liu Chunfeng
  • Duration: June 23 - October 6, 2019