Storehouse of Memories: Zeng Xiaofeng Works Exhibition opened on April 30, 2018, presenting nearly sixty recent paper and installation works by the artist. Zeng Xiaofeng’s works record and depict the history of his time and his individual spiritual history with extraordinary precision. Astonishingly, these two narrative dimensions are often entangled and emerge together within a single work. These artworks, be they paintings and installations, or sketches and rough notes, all emerge in a form that curator Guan Yuda calls “faces of humanity,” like a long-sealed storehouse of memory opened by the magician’s hand. Those flows of time that have been left concealed and speechless by “intellect” are activated at this moment, the “aura” of the past brought back to the surface, so that we may encounter it through our gaze.

This exhibition marks CGK’s first individual artist case study, and Zeng Xiaofeng’s first major solo exhibition in his hometown of Kunming.

  • Artist: Zeng Xiaofeng
  • Curator: Guan Yuda
  • Duration: April 30 – June 18, 2018