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Contemporary Gallery Kunming

Contemporary Gallery Kunming is a private non-profit art institution sponsored by Kunming Top River Group. Since its inception in 2018, CGK has staged numerous important group exhibitions, including “Notes on Region”, “Espace et Temps: Sino-French Architecture Exhibition,” and “Constellation: Yunnan Oil Painting Since 1978,” and solo exhibitions of such artists as Zeng Xiaofeng, Tang Zhigang, Marc Riboud, Zhang Chunyang, Zeng Xiaolian, Ma Yun, Yu Jian, He Duoling, Shui Yanfei, Du Tianrong, Yang Liping, Liu Jianhua, Li Ji, Yao Zhonghua, Wu Jialin and Luo Xu. Contemporary Gallery Kunming is rooted in the history and culture of Yunnan Province, strives to build connections with Southeast Asia, and aims to serve both the local art industry and the general public through objective research of Yunnan’s contemporary art history and comprehensive presentation of the latest trends and creative output in contemporary art.

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Sunday

10:30am – 9pm

Closed Mondays. Holidays and special events excepted. Groups of nine or more must reserve in advance.